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Anno Haarlem In the cellars of the town hall - the heart of the city that has been there since the fourteenth century - you can discover everything about the history of the city in the Anno Haarlem museum. For example, watch the animated film: Haarlem in a bird's eye view and see how the imposing Great or St. Bavo Church was built, let yourself be transported to the glory days of Haarlem in the Golden Age and marvel at the development that residents of this monumental city have developed over the years. have gone through centuries. Visit Anno Haarlem and let the history of Haarlem transport you to the present. If you have any questions or want to know more about Haarlem, you can contact the visiting address of VVV Haarlem, which is located next to Anno Haarlem. More information Local Food Bike Route Discover your surroundings by bike, from one undiscovered food gem to the next. In the meantime, listening to inspiring stories from the local makers on this route and gaining interesting information about Haarlem and its surroundings. That is the Local food cycling route in a nutshell! Using an app, participants cycle to various addresses in and around Haarlem that sell food (related) products. The focus is on traditional products that are produced sustainably. More information The Vishal The name Vishal already betrays what the building once served for. The current Vishal was built in 1769 to replace a larger Vishal from 1603. Now it is an exhibition space for contemporary visual art. The Vishal provides easily accessible access to high-quality, contemporary visual art. Ten varied exhibitions are organized annually in a very inviting exhibition space at a prime location in Haarlem. The Vishal continues to surprise you: every 5 weeks there is a new exhibition in the Vishal. Worth a visit! The Vishal is open six days a week, entrance is free. More information North Holland Archives The Noord-Hollands Archief is the information center for the history of North Holland and municipalities in Kennemerland and Amstel and Meerlanden. The total collection consists of more than 45 kilometers of (historical) documents. Everyone is welcome for research and public activities, such as exhibitions and lectures. The Noord-Hollands Archief is there for those who want to know what it was like! The Haarlem commandery of St. John was one of the largest St John's monasteries in the Netherlands. Completed in 1318, the complex comprised the elements that are always found in the housing of ecclesiastical orders of knighthood: monastery, hospital and church. The Janskerk is the oldest church in Haarlem that has been preserved in its original form and now houses the North Holland Archives. More information Corrie ten Boom The history of the Ten Boom family bears witness to their love for and commitment to the Jewish people. The museum aims to be an "open house", as a memorial to this family who, as Christians, lived in obedience to God and experienced His grace daily. The Corrie ten Boomhuis has been an 'open house' since 1988, where visitors are guided and the history of the Ten Boom family is told. The house has a long history and was built around 1600 for the bailiff of Haarlem. Access to the Corrie ten Boomhuis is only possible in one of the guided tours by making a reservation via the website. During the tour, visitors will be provided with information about Corrie and her family as well as the events in this house before and during World War II. The house is partly furnished in the style of "then". Visitors can view the "Hideout", family photos and artifacts from World War II. The entire top floor is designed as an exhibition space. More information